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Cursory examination suggests that berserk lasts a number of seconds equal to the GP invested, up to a maximum of your bonus in fighting.special.tactics. Below are the admittedly few measurements I bothered to take, using MUSHclient's timestamps for the "You suddenly feel eight foot tall [...]" and "Your berserker rage departs you[...]" messages. Durations are in seconds.

Start TS Expire TS Duration GP Expended
58:55 00:16 81 79
52:09 54:49 160 160
52:46 56:24 216 320

My fi.sp.ta bonus at the time was 215. Allowing for rounding and measuring error, it looks pretty clear-cut. I'll test again sometime, as the 216 could conceivably have been coincidental. Iago 10:51, 14 December 2010 (UTC)