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Hi! I got this mission but I'm not sure what it entails:

We need to refill our stocks of venom. You will need to head over to Blue Moon park where some cobras have been spotted recently. If you rummage through the undergrowth, you should be able to locate one. Once done, you will need to divert the snakes attention before you seize it by the neck. After that it should be a simple task to milk the cobra. Return with this chit when finished.

Anyone know the necessary skills? I've only ever seen it on my assassin characters (and never been able to complete it) so it's certainly assassin-only.

FROM THE DISCORD: "For the saswot BP family mission 180+ bonus will work for all stages, though you may need to retry stages until you succeed". Will test, confirm, and prettify for the actual article next Thursday.

I have a few bits related to BP Family missions at, I felt the information might be too much of a spoiler for some, so have shied away from adding to the wiki. That being said, much of what's there has been covered already either here or with Quow's plugin for items. Happy for bits to be lifted from the site, which I may retire at some point. Kloke (talk) 12:42, 20 March 2021 (EDT)