Taiko drum

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Taiko drum
Musical instruments Information
Type Percussion
Tuneable No
Mallet Yes - Striking Stick / Bachi
To play, must be... On ground
Size 3' x 3'
Weight unknown
Material Wood
Other Furniture


This is a flat disc-like drum, about three feet in diameter. It is suspended from a large square wooden frame by three springs, two of which hang from each of the uppermost corners of the frame, whilst the third secures it at the bottom. It also has a very steep slope from the centre of its shell to its head which helps provide a rich, warm tone when it is struck.

Where Found



Bonus Range Message
159 You tap a taiko drum in a monotonous beat.
159 A booming rhythm comes from a taiko drum as you confidently strike it.
159 You create a fast-paced beat in rich tones on a taiko drum.


Bonus Range Message


Bonus Range Message

Other Information

  • This instrument may be placed as furniture.