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The New TM Project

A while back a thief by the name of Sprynx DeNightshade created the original TM Project as a resource on how to TM every skill at every bonus. Sadly that site only exists (in fragments) on the Wayback Machine and in the minds of players now.

The following pages have been recreated by Danduin and others to bring this, in many people's mind, valuable resource back to life. It is my hope that many people contribute to it and make it as great as its potential. In the words of Sprynx, shamelessly stolen; I am a thief after all... Great thanks to any and all players who include their TM's, making this page continuously better and better.

I do not have any contact information for Sprynx so I was not able to ask permission for all this, if you are out there contact me.

The Skill Tree

The following are the different skill trees. For each end skill you can get TMs if it does something in game. There's also shared TMs.

Base Skills
Adventuring (skill tree) Covert (skill tree) Crafts (skill tree) Cont. crafts Cont. crafts Faith (skill tree) Fighting (skill tree) Magic (skill tree) Cont. Magic People (skill tree)
Adventuring Covert Crafts



Faith Fighting Magic



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