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The T-Ferry is a travelling ferry that alternate between Brown Islands (eastern side) and on Tuna Walk in Bes Pelargic's harbour.

This shop can easily be mistaken with the (in)famous travelling Shop that wanders throughout the Disc, especially since they both go to Brown Islands.

With the T-Ferry the items sold are not very interesting, you don't have to wait too long for it to come and you always know where you are going next.

Brown Islands

The edge of a small native village [s,nw,w].

[edge of a small native village]
The land is lit up by the eerie light of the first quarter moon.
The beach to the south meets the village to the northwest as the sand turns into rough scrub and winds a path between thick vegetation to the northeast and a large hut to the west.  You can just glimpse a totem pole standing in the centre of a clearing at the end of the path.  To the south is a beautiful sandy beach, the waves of the Rim Ocean lapping at its shores.
There is a doorway in the west wall leading into a curious shop.

Bes Pelargic

The Tuna Walk commercial area [e,w,n].

[Tuna Walk commercial area]
  |   |   
The land is lit up by the eerie light of the first quarter moon.
About halfway along Tuna Walk, this part of the docks looks south across the ocean and Bes Pelargic's harbour.  Tuna Walk runs east and west along the harbour and beyond.  The harbour is crammed with boats of all shapes and sizes and people milling around, pursuing their daily business, or at least someone's daily business, whichever is the most interesting.  To the east Tuna Walk goes through an ornate archway.
There is a doorway in the north wall leading into a curious shop.�

Items sold

Five withered cucumber sandwiches.

A withered cucumber sandwich costs 10Rh, it looks like:
Old, leathery bread has had the crusts daintily cut away and been rolled through a mangle, before being doused in rancid grease and lined with rotting cucumber.  The corners are curling.  Dust almost seems to have gathered on the surfaces, and the whole has been cut into a neat and delicate triangle.  Yum.
Don't play with your food!

Five small glossy blue packets.

A small glossy blue packet costs 1Rh 67s, it looks like:
This is a small blue packet with a picture of a yellow blob that faintly resembles a peanut on the front.  It looks bulgy, but in a way that suggests that most of its contents are air.
It is in excellent condition.
It is closed.
The small glossy blue packet is about an inch long and about an inch wide.  It is made of some unidentifiable material and looks like you could hold it.  It can hold less than one pound, or six items.  It is in excellent condition.

Five paper cups of stewed, cold tea.

A paper cup of stewed, cold tea costs 10Rh, it looks like:
This small cup is made of waxed paper, and is designed to be thrown away after one use.  Looking at it, it's doubtful that it has been.
It is in decent condition.