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An item only available from the Travelling Shop, for 80 Ankh-Morpork dollars (or the cultural equivalent, pending the shop location). When the sweetie shaker is shaken, it will give you a random small piece of edible candy.

The sweetie shaker looks like:

The shaker is covered in brightly coloured pictures of Lancre with a hand scrawled title.  Strangely, the pictures on one side show people eating sweets and looking happy while on the other, they show people spitting them out.  Anyway, inside there are no doubt delicious chocolates just waiting to come out - unless some greedy pig ate them all already.
It appears to have something written on it.

When reading:

You read the sweetie shaker:
Written in scrawled handwriting:
Assortyd Chokylut (And Othuh Sweetyz) Wishes

The sweetie shaker only dispenses three items before it empties. The candies that it dispenses are not available elsewhere on the disc. Example of assorted candies:

a gingerbread yeti.
a History Monk jellybaby.

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