Sweet bakery on Little Brindisi

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This Sweet bakery on Little Brindisi in Genua is where Mamma Filomena cooks and teaches Brindisian.

Items for sale

Mamma Filomena waves a hand in the direction of the trays.
The following items are for sale:
   A: a delicate cream-filled cannolo for 3,0Gl (eight left).
   B: a vanilla slice for 2,16Gl (six left).
   C: a cigar baklava for 2,23Gl (eight left).
   D: a honey bread for 43Gc (two left).
   E: a long roll for 56Gc (twelve left).
   F: a jam scone for 11Gc (eight left).
   G: a pumpkin loaf for 1,76Gl (four left).