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One of the five noble families in Bes Pelargic. Players can join the Sungs to gain a line in their title, money, and experience - as well as the use of the perks located in the family estate. The unique perks vary per family, but generally include things such as a mail/contract room, kitchens, gardens, and teachers you can advance from.


The symbol used by the Sung family is a koi carp, it can be found on family kimonos and crests.

The family colours are blue and gold.

Family kimono [1]

This kimono marks the wearer out as belonging to the Sung Family. It is a pale blue with details along the hem and sleeves picked out in gold thread, the colours of the Family. Their emblem, a koi carp, is embroidered in gold on the chest. The Sung family kimono has two side pockets.


The Sung family is good for those who like crafts - they require art and/or music skills to join. 30 levels of crafts.arts appear to be sufficient. As with all families, they also must like you before you can join.

The Sung Family Estate

The Estate is in central BP north of the Pearl river in the Sum Bing district, slightly southwest from the McSweeney estate. Unlike the other families, it has 4 immediate entrances, two from Pearl Path, one from the corner of Large Clam Street and Albin Lane, and one from the middle of Albin Lane.

The Estate has three floors; the ground floor, the basement, and the first floor. While anybody not hated by the Sung family may visit the ground floor, the basement and main first floor are both restricted areas, and the Sung guards will attempt to stop you from using the main staircase.

The ground floor is home to the following rooms:

  • The kitchen, equipped with a food grinder and an unguarded staircase to the servant's quarters,
  • The dining room,
  • The music room, containing a book of sheet music and the following instruments: A dobachi (gong), an unplayable carved bone shakuachi (flute), a tin shakuhachi (flute), a wooden koto (stringed instrument), an ebony guqin (stringed instrument), and a taiko drum,
  • The reception room,
  • The library aka the mission room,
  • The study, where one can join the family,
  • The main stairwell,
  • The studio,
  • The gardens.

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