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One of the five noble families in Bes Pelargic. Players can join the Sungs to gain a line in their title, money, and experience - as well as the use of the perks located in the family estate. The unique perks vary per family, but generally include things such as a mail/contract room, kitchens, gardens, and teachers you can advance from.


The symbol used by the Sung family is a koi carp, it can be found on family kimonos and crests.

The family colours are blue and gold.

Family kimono [1]

This kimono marks the wearer out as belonging to the Sung Family. It is a pale blue with details along the hem and sleeves picked out in gold thread, the colours of the Family. Their emblem, a koi carp, is embroidered in gold on the chest. The Sung family kimono has two side pockets.


The Sung family is good for those who like crafts - they require art and/or music skills to join. 30 levels of crafts.arts appear to be sufficient.

The Sung Family Estate

The Estate is in northeastern BP/Imperial or Bad Poo Ning district, slightly southwest from the McSweeney estate. Unlike the other families, it has 4 immediate entrances, based from 'Pearl Path', 'Large Clam Street' and 'Albin Lane'.

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