Summon Fluff

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Summon Fluff
Ritual information
Nickname ?
Deities Gufnork
Available to followers of None
GP cost 30
Components none
Required powers speech
Learned At
Resisted By
Type Miscellaneous
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Summon fluff is a priest ritual that creates a ball of fluff in your inventory.


This ritual costs 30 GP, and is not performed on anything.

It requires the power of speech.


This ritual uses faith.rituals.misc.area.


This ritual requires no components.

Performing messages


You concentrate very hard on the nature of fluff.
You ask Gufnork to grant you fluff.


Your prayers are answered, and you find yourself blessed with the gift of bright orange fluff.

What others see

Naefela of Gufnork appears to enter a trance.
Naefela of Gufnork mutters a few quick syllables.
With a dry sucking noise, a lump of indigo fluff materialises in Naefela of Gufnork's hands.


A ball of fluff appears in your inventory. The size of the ball depends on your faith.rituals.misc.area bonus, as well as any ritual modifiers.


A ball of fluff can be referred to as a "fluff", or a "ball". In the plural, they are "fluffs", "balls", or "fluves".

Sizes and divisibility

They come in the following sizes:

Size Weight Approximate misc.area bonus range to summon[1]
tiny 1/9 lb
small 2/9 lb
sizeable 3/9 lb 155 and under
large 4/9 lb 155 - 272
huge 5/9 lb 266 - 409
enormous 6/9 lb 541

Balls larger than 1/9 lb can be cut with a knife, resulting in smaller pieces. Pieces are at least 1/9 lb, so there's a limit to how many pieces you can cut a fluff into. Doing this results in, for example, "a third of a huge ball of coral red fluff", and not a smaller ball.

Balls larger than 1/9 lb can also be eaten, reducing them by one size category (balls that are 1/9 lb can also be eaten--this makes them disappear).

Pieces of fluves, as well as small fluves gotten by eating larger fluves, retain properties such as consecration, wards, and remembered places.


Fluves can be:

Since fluves created with Summon Fluff come pre-consecrated to your deity, they can also be convenient objects to Remember Place with.


A Summon Fluff ward, when triggered, will cause a ball of fluff to appear in the victim's inventory or on their corpse, depending on whether the item was stolen or taken from their corpse.


Naefela of Gufnork will perform this ritual sometimes when a player enters the room she's in. She will then (usually) either give them the ball, or throw the ball at them. If she throws the ball, she will eat it afterwards unless you pick it up quickly enough.

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  1. Depending on other modifiers; the lowest bonus listed may only be possible with positive modifiers such as being at a high altar, while the highest bonus may be with negative modifiers.

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