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Sugar is the generic name for sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food.

If you eat food with too much sugar in it, you'll get sugar high.

Sugar lumps / cubes

Sugar cubes are glistening cubes made of finest compacted sugar grains. They are made from compacted white sugar.

Raw sugar cubes are lovely brown cubes of compacted raw sugar. They are made from compacted raw sugar.

Sugar lumps are brown and irregularly shaped lumps of semi-refined sugar. They are made from compacted brown sugar.

You can refer to sugar cubes as sugar lumps, but not the other way around.

They stack so you can carry more than ten in your inventory without fumbling them. Each kind (lump, cube, raw cube) stacks separately.

Sugar lumps weigh 2.5g per lump and sugar cubes and raw sugar cubes weigh 2g per cube. For the burden minded player, this puts 200 sugar cubes at 8/9 lb and 200 sugar lumps at 1 1/9 lb.

Sugar cubes, oddly enough, do not dissolve when you put them into a cup of hot tea.


Sugar lumps / cubes can be used as a consumed component in Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation.

Loose sugar can be used to make Sam Slager sausages. Sugar cubes or lumps must be ground to loose sugar before being usable for sausages.

Sugar press

It is possible to make sugar cubes from loose white sugar or sugar lumps from loose brown sugar in Millie Hopgood's cottage using a sugar press. [1]

You can fill the press with up to 40 handfuls of (loose) sugar at a time which compacts 200 sugar cubes.

Food Grinder

It is possible to grind sugar cubes or lumps to produce loose sugar in a food grinder. Sugar cubes produce white sugar and sugar lumps produce brown sugar.

  • Each lump produces 5 pinches of brown loose sugar, so 200 lumps produce 20 handfuls of brown sugar.
  • Each cube produces 5 pinches of white loose sugar, so 200 lumps produce 20 handfuls of white sugar.
  • This is half as much as it takes to make cubes/lumps from raw sugar so the roundtrip loses 50% of the sugar.

Sources of loose sugar

  • (4 handfuls) on the shelf in the pantry inside Annie Spindlewits' cottage (free)
  • (100 handfuls) in a small sack of sugar for &&&&&&&&&&&&+400 A$1
    • The Laughing Falafel, All Nite Grocery (west of the eaterie room) at the end of Dimwell Street, where it meets The Soake in Ankh-Morpork
    • Trioll Negurney's Cayke Shoppe (Off of Sator Square)
  • (60 handfuls in a large jar for &&&&&&&&&&&+3999 LC 2|3|9 1/4) Northeast corner of the marketplace, Ohulan-Cutash
  • (2 handfuls in a paper bag for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 DjToon 5.00) Desert Desserts, The bazaar, Djelibeybi

Due to the low cost of loose sugar, making cubes from white sugar is the most cost effective way of procuring sugar lumps or cubes other than theft or taking free lumps. This works out to a price of &&&&&&&&&&&&&&+0 A$0.002 per cube.

Sources of sugar lumps / cubes

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