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The artworks in this gallery include

Maximel Fletcher's "The Hunt Is On" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

Several stuffed hunting dogs are displayed here wearing hunting jackets and chasing after a stuffed fox. The fox is wearing a cap with feathers in it.

Rex Peabody's "What's For Dinner" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

Four frogs are seated around a tiny dining table in this display of taxidermy. Each is dressed formally and the table has been set. Looks like it's fish for dinner!

Sam Gredwall's "Still an Elephant" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

Even when stuffed, an elephant is an impressive sight. The fact that someone managed to get this one up the stairs is just as impressive. In a bizarre (and apparently "artistic") twist, the elephant sports full mime makeup, adapted for and carefully applied to pachydermic features. A black beret completes the piece, perched on the elephant's head at the most pretentious angle possible.

Maximel Fletcher's "Pussy Footing Around" -- [TM: Ankh-Morporkian culture]

In this display, a group of kittens are standing on their hind legs in poses of dance. One seems to be twirling on its paw and another is in a classic tango pose, complete with a rose in its mouth.

James Patterson's "Hey Hey We're The Monkeys"

This band of stuffed monkeys is considered to be James Patterson's finest work. The monkeys look almost alive and are in excellent condition. Each one plays a different musical instrument, and the one playing the banjo is particularly noteworthy.

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