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*A temple of [[Pishe]] hidden in the middle of Princess Park, for [[Priests_Guild|priests]]
*A temple of [[Pishe]] hidden in the middle of Princess Park, for [[Priests_Guild|priests]]
*A [[Witches_Guild|witch]] cottage
*A [[Witches_Guild|witch]] cottage
*The Academy of Artificers, the Sto Lat branch of the [[Wizards Guild]]
*The [[Academy of Artificers]], the Sto Lat branch of the [[Wizards Guild]]
==Crime and Punishment==
==Crime and Punishment==

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Sto Lat

Features of Sto Lat

  • The woodworking room and forge of the Academy, where you can craft things and get crafting materials
  • Cabbages to a terrible degree

Places for guilds:

Crime and Punishment

Things that are illegal here (may be incomplete):

  • murder
  • accessory to murder
  • murdering a royal guard
  • assault
  • theft

You can also be "such a menace to society that exile was the only option", which may or may not do something specialresearch. This shows up on your wanted poster.

You can check your status by going to the office on King's Road and "find"ing yourself.

If you're a wanted criminal and you stay in a room with a Royal Guard for too long (a few seconds or so), they will try to arrest you, pursue you, and attack you after a few seconds. They will try to knock you out, and if they succeed they'll either leave you there, or take you to the catapult.

Once in the catapult, you can attempt to "untie ropes" to release yourself. This has some kind of skillcheck.research

Being catapulted flings you far out into the surrounding terrains, and appears to do around 150 hp of damage. It also seems to erase your criminal record, at least at low levels of criminality.

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