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<big>Server name: '''[http://discworld.starturtle.net/ discworld.starturtle.net]''' - port 4242</big>
<big>Server name: '''[http://discworld.starturtle.net/ discworld.starturtle.net]''' - port 4242</big>
Useful links: [http://www.facebook.com/discworldmud Facebook] - [http://twitter.com/discworldmud Twitter] - {{Devblog| Recent Developments blog}}
Useful links: [http://www.brist.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/dwstatus.html Maintenance status] - [http://www.facebook.com/discworldmud Facebook] - [http://twitter.com/discworldmud Twitter] - {{Devblog| Recent Developments blog}}

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This is a page for updates on the Discworld MUD's status and discussion, comments are not official. Please note sometimes you might not be able to connect due to outside connection issues, this may or may not be a good place for advice. Please post at the BOTTOM of the page, and sign your comments with four tildes, "~~~~". Old content is archived here.

Server name: discworld.starturtle.net - port 4242

Useful links: Maintenance status - Facebook - Twitter - Recent Developments blog

EFNet Internet Relay Chat channel #DiscworldMUD

connect with IRC client
connect with web browser
connect via Mibbit


There are several so called IPv6 brokers that can allow one to access the IPv6 network without having an IPv6 enabled internet connection. Some are free. Some require registration.

See the IPv6 page for information.