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Any reduction of Str that causes you to become burdened 50% or more will additionally give a dex penalty due to the burden.

Many stat items and effects affect more than one stat. Generally, attempting to combine items affecting the same stat will have a negative effect on that stat. There may be exceptions.

Equipable Stat Items

Bronze Helm

+3 Int, +2 wis, -3 Con

Kills if worn for more than about 20 minutes.

Dex Gloves

+2(?) Dex, Drains GP(?)

Flat Cap

+3 Wis, +2 Int, -3 Str

Kills if worn for more than about 20 minutes.

Intelligence Tea (Int)

+1(?) Int

Prayer Beads

+1 Wis at (?), +2 wis at (?)

Str Gaunts

+2 Str, -1 Dex

Thief's Daggers

+1(?) Dex

Other Stat Effects

Bless (+1 All)

Gained from the ritual.

Broken Leg(s)

Reduces Dex and Str


Reduces Str, stand in a smithy or take cold cure.


Stand somewhere cool, remove warm clothing.


Stand in a smithy. Hypothermia can kill.

Shrine (Wis)

+1 or +2 wis boost.

Wungle's Great Sucking (Con)

Up to +3 con boost.