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(Flat cap: Does HP damage)
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+3 [[intelligence]], +2 [[wisdom]], -3 [[constitution]]
+3 [[intelligence]], +2 [[wisdom]], -3 [[constitution]]
Kills if worn for too long.
Does HP damage and eventually kills if worn for too long.
===[[Black leather gloves|Dex gloves]]===
===[[Black leather gloves|Dex gloves]]===

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Any reduction of strength that causes you to become burdened 50% or more will additionally give a dexterity penalty due to the burden.

Many stat items and effects affect more than one stat.

Combining stat items

Mudlib-conf.gif This section contains formulae or data from the distribution mudlib. The data has been verified as up to date with research on 26th July 2009.

Combining stat items has the following effects:

  • The first item has its effects applied as usual.
  • For each stat of the nth item after that:
    • If that item has a positive modifier S for a stat, then that modifier is set to S / (n + 1), rounded down.
    • If that item has a negative modifier S for a stat, then that modifier is set to S * n.
    • If that item has no modifier for a stat, then its modifier is set to -n.

As an example, consider the following stat effects:

Effect Con Dex Int Str Wis
Bless +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
Prayer beads (radiant) +2
Flat cap +2 -3 +3

These produce the following effects when combined:

Flat cap then prayer beads
N Effect Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 Flat cap +2 -3 +3
1 Prayer beads -1 -1 -1 -1 +1
Result -1 -1 +1 -4 +4
Prayer beads then bless
N Effect Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 Prayer beads +2
1 Bless +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Result +2
Bless then flat cap
N Effect Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 Bless +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
1 Flat cap -1 -1 +1 -3 +1
Result +2 -2 +2
Bless then flat cap then prayer beads
N Effect Con Dex Int Str Wis
0 Bless +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
1 Flat cap -1 -1 +1 -3 +1
2 Prayer beads -2 -2 -2 -2 +0
Result -2 -2 -4 +2

Equipable Stat Items

Bronze helm

+3 intelligence, +2 wisdom, -3 constitution

Does HP damage and eventually kills if worn for too long.

Dex gloves

+2 dexterity, -1 strength, Drains GP

Flat cap

+3 wisdom, +2 intelligence, -3 strength

Does HP damage, and eventually kills if worn for too long.

Prayer beads

+1 wisdom at bright, +2 wisdom at radiant

These must be held and charged by using faith gp before they become stat items.

Strength gauntlets

+2 strength, drains GP

Thief's daggers

+1 dexterity

Two of them must be held at once.

Other Stat Effects

Bless (+1 All)

Gained from the ritual.

Blink (+1 str)

Witches can squint with method blinking thereby inspiring humans to have +1 strength for a while.

There is no confirmed blink that increased strength by +2, though this might be possible with godly bonuses.

Broken leg(s)

Reduces dexterity, then strength and constitution if you walk on them.

This can be cured with restore, but will reoccur after resuming walking.

To permanently deal with broken legs, have a doctor "set" your legs.

Common cold

Reduces strength, stand in a smithy or take cold cure to get rid of it.


Contemplating a spell, and then contemplating a different spell before you've fed enough gp into the first one will give you an intelligence penalty of -4 for about 15 minutes, which is reduced to -2 for the next twenty minutes, and then -1 for the next fifteen minutes.

Flying Cockroaches

There are flying cockroaches that appear sometimes when searching a certain room in the Alchemists' Guild that flies on to you and burrows into your brain.

For each cockroach that stays for a few seconds before you shake it off you receive -1 intelligence stat penalty for a few minutes.

After being shaken, the cockroach returns to the room where it can try to fly back at you a few seconds later.

Armour and arcane shields are ineffective at preventing the cockroaches from burrowing into your brain.

Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage

Casting the spell Fyodor's Nimbus of Porterage results in reduced intelligence and strength. The exact amount of the reduction varies, and both stats will go back to normal over time.

GP Tea

When you drink GP tea it gives you a boost of gp. When it expires it tries to removes the gp boost that it gave when drunk and it can give you a penalty of -1 intelligence, especially if it cannot get all the gp back because it would put you below 0.


Heatstroke will eventually give -1 to both intelligence and wisdom, increasing to -2 in both somewhere around the point you are "close to death from extreme heatstroke", then increasing further to -3, then -4, then -5. The stat penalty can also go down while you still have heatstroke. A convenient place to get heatstroke is Sek's high altar in Bes Pelargic, as it is "incredibly, unbelievably hot" there.

Stand somewhere cool, remove warm clothing to get rid of it. Heatstroke can kill.

Hundred year old eggs

Eating one of these will make you sick, causing a gradually increasing loss of dexterity from -1 to -8.


Damages strength and constitution. Stand in a smithy to get rid of it. Hypothermia can kill.

Intelligence tea (Int)

Gives +1 intelligence when drunk, and then -1 intelligence for a longer period. This effect can be combined with other effects that do not affect intelligence.

Mocking yourself

Each attempt lowers your wisdom by 2 points. This lasts for about 15 minutes.

Pandora's Box

Opening Pandora's Box gives you -2 constitution, -2 strength, and +2 wisdom for a bit, lessening to -1, -1, and +1 after a while. The entire stat effect lasts about half an hour, and the box explodes when opened. The effect also comes with emotes.

Scorpion Poison Sac

Eating a scorpion poison sac results in -5 constitution and -2 dexterity.

Scorpion Sting

Scorpions in Djelibeybi sting everyone fighting in the room they're in. This does not make them fight the victims so they can keep stinging.

The cautious scorpion viciously stabs the outgoing wealthy woman with its tail!  The outgoing wealthy woman seethes in agony.
The cautious scorpion stabs you with its tail!  You seethe in agony.
Your eyeballs melting would be less torture.

The result is a stat loss of -5 constitution and -2 dexterity, like eating a scorpion poison sac.

In addition, each time you get the eyeballs melting message you seem to take about 110 hitpoints of damage.

Drinking antidote tea cures the stat loss and prevents further damage being done.

Scroll-handling check

Failing a scroll-handling skillcheck (i.e., the spell escapes) will give you a (cumulative) penalty to intelligence. If your intelligence goes down enough, you'll fall unconscious for a while, too.

Each failed skillcheck also does damage. The reduced intelligence also reduces bonus which causes an additional skillcheck against your remaining scrolls. The cycle of failed skillcheck -> reduced intelligence -> reduced bonus -> new skillcheck -> failed skillcheck can repeat several times, causing damage each time. This can be fatal!

Sek altar (Str)

Putting a human heart on the Sek low altar in Ankh-Morpork gives you +1 strength. This can be combined with other effects without experiencing additional negative modifiers.

Shrine (Wis)

Going in a shrine to the Small Gods and waiting there a while gives you a +1 wisdom boost.

  • If you leave, reenter and again wait a while another point is added for a total of +2 wisdom.
  • You cannot get +3 wisdom even if you try several shrines.
  • This can be combined with other effects without experiencing additional negative modifiers.
  • These shrines can also bring you back to life if you suffer an untimely demise.

You know that you are in such a room when you get this message on entry:

You feel a sense of peace here.

The most widely used shrine to the Small Gods is on Sinners' Walk just south of the market in Ohulan Cutash.

  • You regain gp and can use commands there.

The mountain shrine to the Small Gods in a cave southwest of the Giants' land also works.

  • You cannot regain gp and cannot use commands in that cave.
  • The cave is in a dangerous areas inhabited by yetis and lynxes that pursue and evil trolls at night that do not pursue.

There is a shrine to the Small Gods in Razorback but it doesn't provide the wisdom boost.

  • You can fill a cup chained there and drink it, the ice cold water making you feel strong/agile/wise/intelligent/healthy and the reverse weak/clumsy/silly/stupid/sick but this doesn't seem to have any effect.

Spider Poison

Reduces constitution.

Unquiet Spirit

Failing Unquiet Spirit can damage your constitution.

Warrior's Brain Cell

When eaten, gives +1 intelligence to warriors and +1 strength and -1 intelligence to others.

Wungle's Body Part Suggestion (Con)

Constitution reduction for the victim while the spleen is running about, longer if the spleen runner is killed.

Wungle's Great Sucking (Con)

Up to +3 constitution boost for the caster. Constitution reduction for the victim. This can be safely combined with other stat items and effects that do not affect constitution.

A failure may cause -2 constitution for the caster.

The Best Combination

The best stat boosting combination known gives an overall boost of +8 to stats, and is achieved as follows: