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Command information
GP Cost 35
Learnt At 15 fighting.special.weapon
Skills Used Fighting.special.weapon and Fighting.melee for the weapon used
Items Needed A piercing weapon that allows stab
Guild Available to all

Stab is a fighting command that is used mid combat and can be used to do a lot of damage to an enemy. Whether a weapon is capable of launching this special attack can be found through use of the judge command. Most daggers and swords allow stabbing. In addition, some polearms and misc weapons, a few axes, and a couple of heavy-swords also allow stabbing.

Pages that link to this page: mostly weapons that this command can be used with.


Stab can be learned at 15 levels of fighting.special.weapon from a warrior guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


stab <target> with <weapon>
stab <target> [in|at] [the] {legs|back|neck|arms|face|feet|heart} with <weapon>
stab <target> [in|at] [a] random [zone] with <weapon>
stab compare <zone 1> with <zone 2>

Target zones

Damage and difficulty will depend on the zone targeted. From weakest to most damaging the target zones are:


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