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Witches are renowned for a having an array of terrible and terrifying ocular afflictions envied by even the most well-practiced member of the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Beggars, but it's not all just for show. Witches use their squinty eyeballs for a range of practical purposes. The squint command is used to create 'squints', which are amalgamations of the different methods available.

The base squint command is learned from Millie Hopgood in Slice. Every method of squinting has a different skill requirement and a different teacher.

Squints can be taught to other witches using the [teach] command.


  • squint research by {eyeing|blinking|scathing|squinching|glancing} [at] <target>
  • squint research by {winking|peering|ogling} [at] <target>
  • squint <squint> at <target>
  • squint from scratch
  • squint at <target>
  • squint dub <new name>
  • squint info <squint>
  • squint info [current squint]



Blink increases the target's strength by 1.


Eyeing prepares the target for scathing mockery.


Glancing makes a squint faster.


Ogling causes the target's nose to drop off. It is PK-checked.


Peering shows the witch the target's hit points and guild points as a coloured aura.


Scathe causes a small amount of damage to the target. It is PK-checked.


Squinch causes a moderate amount of damage to the target. It is PK-checked. Squinch is learned at 200 levels of magic.methods.mental.channeling at the witches' caravan in Djelibeybi (and therefore it also requires 60 levels of other.language.djelian.spoken).


Winking switches the target's attitude to defensive. It is PK-checked.

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