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Command information
GP Cost Variable
Learnt At Unknown
Skills Used magic.methods.mental.charming


Items Needed None
Guild Witches' Guild

Witches are renowned for a having an array of terrible and terrifying ocular afflictions envied by even the most well-practiced member of the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Beggars, but it's not all just for show. Witches use their squinty eyeballs for a range of practical purposes. The squint command is used to create 'squints', which are amalgamations of the different methods available.

The base squint command is learned from Millie Hopgood in Slice. Every method of squinting has a different skill requirement and a different teacher.

Dubbed squints can be taught to other witches using the teach command. You probably need to know the appropriate methods for this to work right.


  • squint research by {eyeing|blinking|scathing|squinching|glancing} [at] <target>
  • squint research by {winking|peering|ogling} [at] <target>
  • squint <squint> at <target>
  • squint from scratch
  • squint at <target>
  • squint dub <new name>
  • squint info <squint>
  • squint info [current squint]

Head space

Squints take up 4 units of Head space each. Using more or less squint methods does not seem to change this amount.

If you do not have enough Head space left when dubbing the squint it will fail:

You don't have the mental capacity for memorising yet another squint.

To avoid using Head space for squints using only one method, you can simply do as the following:

 squint research by scathing at opponent
 squint from scratch

If however you use quit before the squint from scratch is performed, the next time you use squint it will contain the previous squint method. Thus for aliases for non-offensive squints you might want to put a squint from scratch before it as well just in case.


Except where noted, the witches teaching the squint methods speak morporkian.

You need to know the spoken part of the appropriate language rather well (around level 60) to successfully ask them to teach you the method.


Blink increases the target's strength by 1.
Taught by Ethel Applebaum in Scrogden.
To learn it you need 50 levels of magic.methods.spiritual.conjuring and 200 levels of magic.methods.mental.charming.


Eyeing prepares the target for scathing mockery.
Taught by Millie Hopgood in Slice.
To learn it you need 20 levels of magic.methods.mental.cursing.


Glancing makes a squint faster.
Taught by Agnes Nitt in a cottage just northeast of Mad Stoat.
To learn it you might not need any skill.


Ogling causes the target's nose to drop off.
It is PK-checked.
Taught by Mad Gammer Nudity in Razorback.
To learn it you need 150 levels of magic.methods.mental.cursing.


Peering shows the witch the target's hit points and guild points as a coloured aura.
Taught by Mum Blithesome in her cottage on Grave's Hope road in northeast Sto Lat.
To learn it you need 50 levels of magic.methods.spiritual.divining.


Scathe causes a small amount of damage to the target.
It is PK-checked.
Taught by Millie Hopgood in Slice.
To learn it you need 11 levels of magic.spells.offensive.
Mocking reveals it uses Magic.methods.mental.channeling, Magic.methods.elemental.fire and Magic.methods.mental.cursing.


Squinch causes a moderate amount of damage to the target.
It is PK-checked.
Squinch can be learned with 200 levels of magic.methods.mental.channeling.
Taught by Khin-bin-lap in the witch caravan (curious caravan) that travels inside the city of Djelibeybi.
Khin-bin-lap speaks djelian, you need djelian spoken skills to successfully ask her to teach you.
To learn it you need 200 levels of magic.methods.mental.channeling.
Mocking reveals it uses Magic.methods.mental.channeling and Magic.methods.elemental.fire.


Winking switches the target's attitude to defensive.
It is PK-checked.
Taught by Mama Diksha in the shelter above Ming Lane in Bes Pelargic.
Mama Diksha speaks agatean, you need agatean spoken skills to successfully ask her to teach you.
To learn it you probably need some levels of magic.methods.mental.charming and/or magic.methods.mental.cursing.

Mixing Squints

Squints can be mixed together using the "squint research" command. As a witch mixes squints, she might find them becoming faster, or more powerful.

There is currently no alert as to when a mixed squint is ready to be dubbed. There is also currently no information as to the minimum number of times a squint has to be researched before being dubbed. (Anecdotal observations suggests at least 3 times or more.) Therefore a witch might have to research the mix of squints several times to find the mix and effectiveness that she is satisfied with.

For example, mixing "ogle" with "glance" and dubbing it makes the ogle squint work faster than if the witch has purely researched ogle. Typing "squint info" when a squint is being researched will tell a witch the mix and how often she has researched it.

Your squint consists of a very large part of glancing and a small part of ogling.

After dubbing this squint as "Ogl", typing "squint info Ogl" will tell the witch:

Ogl consists of a very large part of glancing and a small part of ogling.

Another popular squint mix is mixing scathe with squinch to make a more powerful squint.

Usually just 2 squints are mixed together, as mixing more squints together defeats the purpose. Mixing "ogle", "peer" and "glance" for example, gives a squint that occassionally peers or ogles, and is generally considered useless.

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