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Command information
GP Cost 50 crafts, 30 magic
Learnt At level 30 in injury
Skills Used crafts.medicine.treatment.injury, magic.methods.mental.charming
Items Needed 2 willow withes, 4 strips of cloth
Guild Witches' Guild

Witches know that to help people you need to use skin, not just magic.

Following an unfortunate incident involving Greebo, someone from Forn Places and a breaking of legs, Nanny Ogg announced she would start teaching witches how to make a splint on those unfortunate enough to break their legs (including yourself, what with flight drinking accidents). That way she won't be bothered every time Greebo "affectionately" steps on someone, or whenever acts of leg breaking occur.


Only witches can learn the splint command. Nanny teaches it to those who have enough knowledge of injuries i.e. 30 levels of crafts.medicine.treatment.injury. You may also learn from other players.

Make sure that you get the command before trying to splint a leg as it won't just pop up on it's own when your leg is broken.

You say: teach me please

Nanny Ogg nods.
Nanny Ogg says with a Lancrastian accent: 'Bout time you learned a new trick, luv.
Nanny Ogg whispers to you with a Lancrastian accent: Here's a handy thing to be able to do if you tend to fly while Under the Influence.  I oughter know.
Nanny Ogg winks at at you.
Nanny Ogg mutters something about legs under her breath.
Nanny Ogg whispers to you with a Lancrastian accent: You'll be needing some supplies to use it, of course.  Smart gel like you will know where to find 'em.
Nanny Ogg nods knowingly at you.
Nanny Ogg loudly exclaims with a Lancrastian accent: Run along now an' give it a try!


In order to make a splint you need 2 willow withes and 4 strips of cloths (bandages). Also at least one broken leg.

Failed attempts to make a splint does not consume the components but once it is successfully made the items are discarded and not returned when the leg has finished healing.

You can get willow withes from the tree by the creek near Granny's place. To get a withe, hold a sharp object and use "cut withe from <tree> with <object>".

Strips of cloth that can be used to bandage are also required, which can be produced with the command tear on clothing or other items made of cloth.

  • Only strips made from certain types of cloth are suitable for use as bandages.
    • The description of an appropriate strip of cloth will contain the line: "It is strong enough to bind even the nastiest flesh wounds."
    • The materials suitable for bandages mentioned in "help tear" are: cotton, batiste, denim, organdy, terry cloth, broadcloth, dotted quirm, pique, twill, batik, corduroy, lawn, seersucker, voile, linen, hessian, canvas, silk and hemp.
    • Clothes made from wool cannot be used as bandages.
    • Suitable strips can be referred to as bandages, e.g. "put bandages in medicine bag".
    • The exact material(s) an item is made of can be seen with the command appraise.
  • The size and condition of an item determines how many strips can be produced by tearing it - this is not skill-checked.
    • The "tear test" command shows how many strips will be created without actually tearing the item.
    • The size of an item determines the maximum number of strips that item can yield. This size is directly related to the size of the body parts that the items covers, see the coverage command.
    • If the condition of the item is below perfect then the number of strips obtained is reduced. Note that even items in excellent condition might be a little bit damaged and possible to sew them.
  • Be careful not to tear something you want to keep as you cannot get the item back after it's in pieces!

If you keep the strips of cloth and the withes in a container identified as "component pouch" or "medicine bag" then they are automatically used as if they were in your inventory when you splint. They are not even taken out so if you fail they won't clutter your carried inventory.


Once you learned the command, got the components and someone broke a leg, you can try out your splinting skills!

  • splint <side> leg for <name>
  • splint my <side> leg

See below for help from Nanny getting a broken leg.

If both legs are broken you need to splint twice, and so on, one new splint per broken leg.

If you're trying to splint your own broken leg you'll have to do it under the -3 dexterity stat penalty or -6 dexterity for both legs. This does not affect charming but injury will drop a little bit since it has 1/5 dexterity.

Failure (skills)

You attempt to splint your broken leg, but fail to tie the knots tight enough and it falls apart.

Others see:

<Witch> attempts to splint her broken leg, but fails to tie the knots tight enough and it falls apart.

Failure (greaves)

Wearing armour over the broken leg like leather greaves can block a splint attempt. This is probably because the greaves cannot be worn at the same time as a splint as they both occupy the same armour slot. Any other items in the same slot would logically also block splint.

You cannot apply a splint to Someone's broken leg whilst they are wearing something over the wound.

You cannot apply a splint to your broken leg whilst wearing a pair of leather greaves.

You cannot put on the pair of leather greaves since you are already wearing a splint.

Other armours like miniskirts, skirts, robes, cloaks and leggings do not need to be removed to be able to splint.

Success (witch splints herself)

You strap up your right leg with some bandages and willow withes, then gently nudge the splint to remind it that it has a job to do and that perhaps it should work a little harder.

Others see:

<Witch> straps up her broken leg whilst poking at the splint.

Partial success

Failing the magic part makes a mundane splint. It is unclear how long such a splint would take to heal the leg or if it just helps walking around.

You strap up your left leg with some bandages and willow withes, and mumble what you think are some good magic words to charm the splint to work faster.  However, the splint doesn't share your compassion for speedy recoveries and just continues to be a normal splint.

Success (witch splints somebody else)

You strap up <target>'s right leg with some bandages and willow withes whilst running your hands across the splint and gently whispering about what might happen if it doesn't start working harder.

Patient sees:

<Witch> straps up your broken leg with some bandages and willow withes whilst running her
hands over the splint and whispering to it.


You strap up <target's> right leg with some bandages and willow withes, then fix the splint with a piercing stare that could turn any inanimate object into a very obedient (if not slightly scared) healing tool.

Patient sees:

<Witch> straps up your broken leg with some bandages and willow withes whilst glaring at it sternly.

Worn splints

Once the command succeeds, the splint(s) is an object that the target is wearing.

Made from sturdy willow withes and bandages, these splints have been secured around your left and right legs.

Removing this object before the legs are healed will discard the splint(s) and the healing will not happen.


Now the leg will take some time to mend. Meanwhile you can hobble around without taking too much damage:

Your splint helps to support your broken leg as you move but you experience some discomfort.
Hp: 2253 (2258) Gp: 419 (419) Xp: 31805

The time it takes to mend depends on how charming you were towards the splint.

  • With a 342 magic.methods.mental.charming bonus it took 8 minutes 2 seconds.
  • With a 384 magic.methods.mental.charming bonus it took 6 minutes 36 seconds.
  • If the relation between duration and bonus is linear, then it should take just under 5 minutes at a 431 bonus and be instantaneous at a 578 bonus unless there is a minimum time limit.
The break in your right leg seem to have mended nicely, so you remove the splint from it.
You discard the used bandages and withes.

If you are impatient you can also go with your splinted leg see a doctor to get it set.

No more broken leg!


Nanny is extremely happy to help testing the command, just ask her politely and she'll break your leg. She'll only do it after you learned splint of course, wouldn't you look silly with a broken leg and unable to make a splint?

Nanny Ogg asks with a Lancrastian accent: Wot, like this?
Nanny Ogg trips you.
Nanny Ogg jumps up and down on you.
Nanny Ogg looks smug.

If you can splint your own leg you'll know you can help others since it'll be a little bit easier to do without stat penalties.

You may also practice and TM on the Medical Mannequin for a small fee.

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