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Command information
GP Cost 25 per stage
Learnt At Level 6 in magic.spells
Skills Used None
Items Needed None
Guild Wizards

Spellcheck is a wizard command which tells the user what skills and components a remembered spell uses.

Spellcheck fully can also be used to compare the user's skills to those required in each stage of the casting.


A simple spellcheck will cost 25 GP to execute and lists the spell type, components needed and skills used (in shortened form).

Spellcheck fully will list the spell type and components needed, as well as an expanded list of skills used and the caster's likelihood of success given their relevant bonus in each stage of the spell. This will cost 25 GP plus an additional 25 per stage checked.


You receive many messages which indicate a range of the likelihood of success for each skill:

0 - 9 you would most certainly fail
10 - 19 you would almost certainly fail
20 - 29 you would very likely fail
30 - 39 you are likely to fail
40 - 49 you are a little more likely to fail than to succeed
50 - 59 you might fail or succeed with equal likelihood
60 - 69 you are a little more likely to succeed than to fail
70 - 79 you are likely to succeed
80 - 89 you would very likely succeed
90 - 99 you would almost certainly succeed
100+ you would most certainly succeed

This is probably a "base" chance with many modifiers after it.

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