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Special abilities were added to the game on 12 April 2015, as described in this blog post. They boost your abilities in one area of combat, at the expense of another area.

To learn an ability you need to meditate by a statue of a hero. There is usually some requirement to be able to learn the ability.



The statue can be found southeast of the junction of Short Street, Heroes Street and God Street.

Sampson Ronius

(also known as)

 The Bodyguard

Sampson requires sufficient health (hp) and the sacrifice of a shield (large metal worked, small and medium did not). The ability is to deflect damage and spend less energy when defending someone else.

Sto Lat

The statue can be found in the Sto Lat cemetery at the western edge.

Cas'leb the Merciless

   (also known as)

  The Dirty Fighter

Requires 250 levels of fighting.unarmed.striking. The ability is to use knee attacks when fighting unarmed.


The statue can be found at the junction of Genua Avenue and Dauphin Street.

Callus Tacticus

(also known as)

  The Focuser

A sword needs to be sacrificed to the statue before you can acquire any skills. If the sword is regarded as too cheap the sacrifice will be rejected (e.g. a duan jian of 6,3,33Gf is too cheap, a colichemarde of 6,6,66Gf is accepted). The ability is to be more effective when trying to hit a specific part of your opponent.

Requires 150 levels of perception (ad.pe).


The statue can be found in the front room of the Harbourmaster's office.

Herness Emngwey

(also known as)

The Pacifist

Requires a minimum guild level of 200. The ability is to defend yourself better at the expense of not attacking, i.e. it disables baseround attacks and gives you some unknown defense boost.

Help file

special abilities              Discworld player help              special abilities

* Name *

Special abilities - combat bonuses in your chosen speciality

* Description *

To encourage diversity in playing styles, there are a number of "special abilities". These are talents which make you better at certain areas of combat. All special abilities are passive and do not require the use of commands. There are many aspects of combat which have an associated special ability, for instance: defending other players, fighting unarmed or using particular tactics settings.

The catch, however, is that you can only have one special ability. Once chosen, you can easily swap your ability for another.

Your current special ability is shown in your (verbose) score.

* Learning special abilities *

At various places on Discworld, statues of ancient heroes have been placed, along with a plaque describing what special ability they were renowned for.

To learn a special ability, you can meditate at the corresponding statue. By meditating at the same statue again, you will forget the ability. Alternatively, if you have a special ability and meditate at a different statue, you will forget the first and learn the new one in its place.

Not all abilities can be learned by everyone: some abilities are limited to certain guilds, or require specific skills, quests or achievements before they can be learned. 

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