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|Name = Ramtops Remedies and Reagents
|Name = Ramtops Remedies and Reagents
|Location =  
|Location =  
|Owner = Ruhsbaar
|Owner = Glint
|Managers =  
|Managers =  
|Helpers =  
|Helpers =  

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Ramtops Remedies and Reagents
Player shops information
City Ohulan-Cutash
Name Ramtops Remedies and Reagents
Location Southwest Ohulan-Cutash Market
Owner Glint
Managers Details needed.
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter None
Other amenities large shop counter, pickler, blackboard, blackjack table
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2021-05-10

Mission Items: 16 different items for sale.
Healing Teas and Cures: 6 different items for sale.
Scrolls and Components: 6 different items for sale.
Blorps: 3 different items for sale.
Bags and Containers: 2 different items for sale.
The categories Rare Items, Weapons and Armour and Permalights do not have anything for sale.

You read the blackboard:
Written in chalk:
[Ramtops Remedies And Reagents]

Scroll Prices:
    TPA   (x4)  &&&&&&&&&&&+5001 LC 2108 3/4
    JPCT  (x4)  &&&&&&&&&&&+4851 LC 298 1/4
    JPCT  (x1)  &&&&&&&&&&&+1458 Ls 101 1/2
    CCC   (x3)  &&&&&&&&&&&+3660 LC 215
    FNP   (x1)  &&&&&&&&&&&+2196 LC 133

Blorple Prices:
    Platinum Oak Leaf    &&&&&&&&&&+13392 LC 79-
    Lesser Rings         &&&&&&&&&&&+7200 LC 42-

Component Prices:
    CCC Stone Kit (x3)   &&&&&&&&&&+11232 LC 66-

Mission Items:
    Easy     &&&&&&&&&&&+6672 LC 3104
    Medium   &&&&&&&&&&+16740 LC 983
    Hard     &&&&&&&&&&+22020 LSov 1-811