Sources of fruit

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Gatherable fruit

Percy Hopcroft's apple orchard

The following types of apples can be gathered freely from Percy's orchard in Blackglass all year round:

  • Blackglass Peachface apples
  • Gammer Smith apples
  • Golden Disagreeable apples
  • Green Billet apples (poisonous)
  • Lancre Blackheart apples
  • Nanny Ogg apples

The Bad Ass orchard

In the northern part of the town, past the bridge, bakery and the forge is the orchard entrance. From the gnarled apple trees:

  • Gammer Smith apples

East of the previous position, at the edge of the orchard, there is one tree covered in mistletoe. It is possible, though difficult, to obtain a few apples (about 3) by climbing the tree.

  • Small green apple (poisonous)

The crow-legged cottage in Uberwald

Apples can be gathered from the tree growing on the roof.

  • Green Billet apples (poisonous)

Djelian melon fields

The following types of melons can be gathered from the melon farms surrounding the southern side of Djelibeybi during Sog, one of the three Djelian seasons. Beware, possessive farmers may attack you for taking melons, but they are not very fierce.

  • Juicy melons
  • Large watermelons
  • Medium watermelons
  • Musk melons
  • Small watermelons

Temple of the Listening Monks

The following types of apples can be picked from the apple tree in the east part of the garden in the Temple of the Listening Monks. Only a few may be picked from the ground (about 4). Some more can be picked after climbing the tree (about 3). After a while you can pick more apples.

  • Red apples

Academy of Artificers

The gardens in the back of the Academy of Artificers.

Ahnk-Morpork Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild gardens.

  • Cherries - seasonal (summer)

Dark Forest

The Uberwald Dark Forest has seasonal (fall) fruits.

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