Sources of fruit

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Gatherable fruit

Percy Hopcroft's apple orchard

The following types of apples can be gathered freely from Percy's orchard in Blackglass all year round:

  • Blackglass Peachface
  • Gammer Smith
  • Golden Disagreeable
  • Green Billet
  • Lancre Blackheart
  • Nanny Ogg

Djelian melon fields

The following types of melons can be gathered from the melon fields surrounding the southern side of Djelibeybi during Sog, one of the three Djelian seasons. Beware, possessive farmers may attack you for taking melons, but they are not very fierce.

  • Juicy melons
  • Large watermelons
  • Medium watermelons
  • Musk melons
  • Small watermelons