Sorsalsean's Seismic Eruption

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Sorsalsean's Seismic Eruption
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Offensive
GP cost 50
Mind space 40
Thaums 8
Components a pebble (consumed)
Tome Thee Dyscyplyne of thee Stoane

Sorsalsean's Seismic Eruption (abbreviated as SSE) is an offensive area of effect spell that causes an earthquake for a little while. Others in the room may be forced to leave while the spell is active.


This spell costs 50 GP to cast and takes up 40 units of mind space.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


Casting messages


You stare vaguely at the ground.
You begin to gather geothaumic energy into yourself.
You shout loudly, hoping to transfer some of the geothaumic energy into the ground.
With a flick of a finger, you transfer the remaining energy into the ground.
You drop a pebble, and tap your foot impatiently.


An earthquake rips through the room!
[A few seconds pass, then...]
The ground starts to shake violently.



The ground stays perfectly still, but you start to shake instead!
A sudden gust of wind slams you into the ground. [Note: about 63 - 80 damage with CCC on. May not be representative.]

Standard spell failures can also occur.

What others see

Wizard rolls her eyes and stares at the ground.
The smell of freshly ploughed earth emanates from Wizard.
Wizard shouts something unintelligible.
Wizard wiggles her fingers seductively.
Wizard drops a pebble, and taps her foot.


While the spell is active, this line appears in the room description:

There are small cracks in the ground here.

The ground will shake a few times during this time, and people in the room can be forced to leave (or just change position) when this happens. The messages vary:

A household cat zooms past you at an alarming rate... another aftershock must be coming.
The earth roars with ferocious intent.
The earth rumbles in the aftermath of the earthquake.
A brief shudder indicates that the earthquake is not quite over yet.
An aftershock rips through the ground, shaking the room from side to side.

The caster does not appear to be affected by this.

It may not affect all in the room equally:

An aftershock rips through the ground, shaking the room from side to side.
The tall skipper tries to maintain his balance.
The tall skipper leaves north.
The scruffy tabby cat wobbles about a bit, but he manages to stay still.

Finally, when the spell ends:

The ground quivers slightly and then everything is calm again.


The step appears to be far easier than spellcheck indicates, as there is a good chance of success with a bonus of only 170.

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