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A smithy is a room in which players can fix their damaged metal items.

Jewellery can be fixed in some, but not all, smithies, as indicated in the table below.

  • Mr Rendtnor can also restore jewellery for varying amounts of money.

All smithies levy a small charge for use of the tools, which is dependent on the degree to which the item being fixed needs repairing.

The heat of the forge causes all smithies to be hot rooms; thus, they can also be a useful respite from cold weather.


City/Town Location Can fix jewellery there?
AM Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins Yes
AM Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard No
AM Cable Street No
AM Easy Street No
AM Elm Street No
AM Filigree Street No
AM Grunefair Yes (Jewellery only)
AM Street of Small Gods across from Hat temple Yes
AM Thieves' Guild launder room (also a Tannery and Wood workshop) Yes
AM Weapon Masters' Court No
Bad Ass house in town No
BP Market Street Yes
BP Rhinu Road Yes
BP Ricecake Alley north of Medina Yes
Blackglass southeast part of town No
Bleak Prospect western road Yes
Brass Neck northwest part of square Yes
Copperhead northwest of square Yes
Creel Springs northeast of wizards' guild Yes
Dinky West of the carriage stop No
Dinky Farm No
DJB Silversmith, Phoenix Road north of the bazaar Yes (jewellery only)
DJB Scarab Walk Yes
DJB Djelian Guard No
DJB Djelibeybi harbour, on Harbour Road Yes
Ephebe Tuvelpit Road outside the Stadium Yes
Ephebe Blacksmith's shop on Hypothetical Road, as it slopes away from the barracks No
Ephebe Forge on Contradiction Close No
Escrow Briar Way Yes
Genua Samedi Crescent Yes
Genua Grim Street Yes
Genua Barracks Yes
Genua Musketeers guild No
Genua Thieves' Guild launder room in Genua's sewers (also a Tannery and Wood workshop) Yes
Hillshire east road No
Klatch Klatchian Foreign Legion outpost No
Lancre Town east of carriage stop No
Ohulan Cutash Lancre Street Yes
Ramtops Hublandish Barbarians' summer camp No
Ramtops Hunters' outpost No
Razorback west part of town No
Slippery Hollow Northeast of market No
Sto Lat Academy of Artificers, top floor Yes
Sto Lat South part of market No
Uberwald (near Fiddlyfjord) Hublandish Barbarians' winter camp No

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