Small brass whistle

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Small brass whistle
Musical instruments Information
Type Wind
Tuneable No
Mallet No
To play, must be... Held
Size unknown
Weight <1 lb
Material Brass
Other None


A small brass whistle, the kind a shepherd might own.

Where Found

Public Area

  • None





Bonus Range Message
219 You play a technically correct but extremely uninteresting tune, perfectly evocative of the old bore who spends every evening in the pub refusing to shut up about his favourite crop management theories.
170 You play a sweet little tune reminiscent of sheep frolicking in a field on your small brass whistle.
219 Gently playing your small brass whistle, you create a soft melody that brings to mind a shy shepherd boy daydreaming about a pretty village girl.
219 Energetically playing your small brass whistle, you create an intricate dance of melody, the notes weaving around each other like drunken farmers wending their way home from the pub.
219 Skillfully using your small brass whistle, you play a simple and inviting tune evoking thoughts of the warm scent of a summer evening, the softness of summer grass, and the gentle beauty of a village lass to enjoy them with.


Bonus Range Message
170 You play your brass whistle, serenading <target> with a boring and unimaginative tune.
210 You serenade <target> with a rather monotonous tune on your small brass whistle.
219 You serenade <target> with a soft and romantic melody on your small brass whistle.

Other Information

  • Performing a solo does not seem to work.