Slippery Hollow

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Warning.png WARNING: Slippery Hollow is a dangerous zone outside at night, when the headless horse rider tries to behead you with a flaming sword.

Slippery Hollow is a large town in the Ramtops, nestled between Mad Stoat, Lancre Town and Bad Ass

Slippery hollow.png


Slippery Hollow is found close to the centre of the Ramtops region, between Mad Stoat, Lancre Town and Bad Ass.

Language and currency

The language in Slippery Hollow is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is Lancre money


Currently no player council governs Slippery Hollow, or regulates its player houses and shops. There is a Magistrate building with two magistrate NPCs in the town.


Slippery hollow.png
  • In the far northwest of the town is an abandoned windmill
  • At the northern end of the town is a road containing all the player houses.
  • At the western end of the town is the market and shopping area, with 11 outdoor stalls.
  • A large open fairground area can be found in the eastern end, with some games.
  • A dangerous Forest Maze is found outside of the town, across the eastern bridge.
  • There is a large Manor House, to the south of the fair area.


You can journey there from Lancre Town by going <need full route directions>


All property in the Ramtops is handled from the real estate stall in the Lancre Town square.

The following conditions apply to real estate in the Ramtops:

  • Players with property elsewhere are ineligible to bid on types of property that they already own.
  • Property cannot be shared with those ineligible to bid, as above.
  • Players cannot bid on more than one property at a time.

Player housing

There is a road to the north containing 7 player houses.


The following facilities can be found in Slippery Hollow:

  • Mail and parcel counter services are found in the post office west of commercial side street, past the stationery shop.
  • Smithy for fixing metal things (not jewellery) in the northwest of the market.
  • Tannery for leatherworking in the northwest of the market.


The following shops can be found in Slippery Hollow: <not done>


General NPCs

The following general NPCs may be found wandering the streets: <not done>

Wandering unique NPCs

The following unique NPCs can be found on the streets of Slippery Hollow: <not done>

Unique NPC houses

The following unique NPC houses are in Slippery Hollow: <not done>

Other points of interest

<not done>

Headless horse rider

At night the headless horse rider moves around outdoors in this town. Careful or he might behead you with his flaming sword!

It is safer to stay indoors during the night or to visit Slippery Hollow only during the day.

The headless horse rider is fighting here.
The headless horse rider of Slippery Hollow is a fearsome sight!  His moist,
clammy skin is of alarming pallor, combining with his pale-eyed, penetrating
stare to give a false impression of albinism.  His hair is dark and spiked
while his teeth are viciously pointed.  He is mounted on his headless, black
He is in good shape.
He is sitting astride a huge, headless horse.
Holding : a flaming sword (left hand and right hand).
Wearing : a pair of black leather thigh boots, a pair of steel gauntlets and a
          ringmail hauberk.
This is a large broadsword.  It is not made of the finest steel nor is it in
the best condition, but it looks fearsome nonetheless.  An ethereal light seems
to emanate from it and flames occasionally lick along the blade's length.
  • The flaming sword probably bypasses armour like other fire (lit torch) or holy weapons.research
  • Bug shield works in absorbing attacks from the flaming sword, but the bugs get burned very fast by it. Have several plagues' worth of assassin bugs or elephant bugs protect you (several casts even with high bonuses).
  • It is complimented well with the metallic net version of Chrenedict's Corporeal Covering which protects against sharp (beheading). Being metal, it might also protect better against fire. (See Weapons#Attacks)
  • The headless horse rider does not pursue, but he does follow in a delayed pursue by going in the direction he saw you leave.
  • According to one book from the village, the first hit the rider does to you (that deals damage) will behead you. It is unclear if that's true or if it requires a behead special.research