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Slice is a small village, precariously perched high up in the Ramtops.


Nearby to the southwest of Slice is Razorback.

Language and currency

The language in Slice is Morporkian (with an Lancrastian accent). The local currency is the Lancre crown.


Currently no player council governs Slice.


Slice comprises a single winding road.

Be aware that there is a fatal drop off the road at various places if you attempt to leave in an invalid direction.

These places include:

  • going south from "Road to Slice [e,sw]."
  • going southeast from "Road to Slice [e,sw]."


The Lancre Kingdom carriage stops in the centre of the village.


All property in the Slice is handled from the real estate stall in Lancre Town.

Player housing

There are a few player houses scattered throughout the vllage.

Player shops

There are no player shops in Slice.


There are no facilities in Slice.


Witches' Guild

Millie Hopgood's cottage is to be found on the south side of the road, at the western end of the village. The hat shop may also be of interest.


The following shops can be found in Slice:


No NPCs wander the streets of Slice.

Other points of interest

  • The Muckloe farm is at the east end of the village.
  • Players with the appropriate equipment may visit the Place Where The Sun Does Not Shine.