Skund Forest

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Skund Forest
Terrain information
Areas Sto Plains
Map symbol f
Names Skund Forest, dark forest, stand of trees
Aggressive npcs bears, wolves
Pursuing npcs none
Environmental hazards none
Harvests none

Skund Forest is found in the east part of the Sto Plains, just south of the Carrack Mountains.


The short description of the room is "dark forest".

On the map, it is referred to as "Skund Forest" or nothing.

In the part of the long description of a terrain room that describes which terrains are nearby, it shows up as "Skund Forest" or nothing when seen from the same terrain, and "Skund Forest" when seen from a different terrain. It shows up as "a stand of trees" in the short description of a different terrain type nearby (as in, "edge of plains near a stand of trees").


In the winter, temperatures range from at least ___ to ___ at night, and ___ to ___ during the day. The weather is ___.

In the spring, temperatures range from at least ___ to ___ at night, and ___ to ___ during the day. The weather is ___.

In the summer, temperatures range from at least cool to ___ at night, and very warm to reasonably hot during the day. The weather is ___.

In the autumn, temperatures range from at least slightly chilly to very chilly at night, and cool to warm during the day. The weather is usually cloudy, sometimes rainy.


The following npcs are found in this terrain:

Of those, wolves are always aggressive when in packs, and bears are sometimes aggressive.

Birds other than owls are diurnal and disappear during the night.

Adjoining terrains

Skund forest is surrounded by normal forest on the south and west, the Carrack Mountains on the north, and plains all around. The edge of Skund Forest lies between it and plains and the Carrack Mountains.

Special features

You can trip and fall when moving between rooms in Skund Forest:

Your foot gets caught in thick, tall undergrowth and you lose your balance, falling inelegantly.

This uses Adventuring.acrobatics.balancing skillchecks as proved by TM.

Wolf trails run through Skund, with lots of wolves on them.

Pekan Ford is in the northern part of it, and the hedge wizard outpost is nearby along the road to the northeast.

The grflx caves are near a lake in Skund, along trails west of the main road.

Squinty Jeb is a bit west of the main road near the south end of Skund.