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The idea

The plan was originally posted by magistrate Jeanie on the Ankh-Morpork council board.

In order to promote tourism on the Disc, the Council of Ankh-Morpork will start the "Sights to See" monthly challenge.

Each month, the Council will announce four places somewhere on the Disc and ask everybody (i.e. both citizens and non-citizens) to submit iconographs of themselves at those places. Impstomatic cameras will be available for free, valid submissions will be signed and returned, high score tables will be kept. Further on, prizes will be paid for some of the iconographs, as well as a yearly prize for regular participation.

  • Place a) is an almost completely safe place somewhere in Ankh-Morpork.
  • Place b) is a relatively safe place.
  • Place c) is also relatively safe, but may require skills to reach safely and may also be dangerous under certain conditions.
  • Place d) is a dangerous place.

To participate in the challenge, just take iconographs of yourself at some or all of the above mentioned places ("take picture of me with camera") and deposit them for Jeanie at the Ankh-Morpork post office - please make sure to take iconographs of yourself, not of the places themselves!

Your iconographs will be signed and returned to you via mail, together with an &&&&&&&&&&+40000 A$100 prize for iconographs taken at place a), b) or c). No monetary prize is paid for iconographs taken at place d). This is to set the dangerous place apart from the other ones, and to try and make sure that nobody tries to get there in order to make some money - people who need the money may well lack the skills to make it there alive.

High score tables are also kept, and here will be a high score table of its own for type d) locations. Further prizes and trophies are awarded each season to those with a perfect or near perfect score.

You are also welcome to submit up to ten iconographs of places to be used in the challenge, and receive a share of an &&&&&&&&&+120000 A$300 prize if one of those places is used in the challenge later on.

All prizes may be sent via the parcel counter at the Ankh-Morpork post office; it is your responsibility to check your mail and collect your prizes in time.


Impstomatic cameras

Participants may request one free impstomatic camera every three months or after submitting twelve iconographs. The request can be made by mail or by talking to Jeanie directly. Alternatively, they can be purchased in a busy impstomatic store in Bes Pelargic.


Participants may submit one iconograph of themselves taken at each of the four places each month (but are not required to send all of them at the same time). All properly submitted iconographs will be signed and returned.


Official scores will be kept in form of participation with at least one iconograph in a month, a joined result for places of type a) to c), and a separate one for places of type d).


For each properly submitted iconograph taken at places a), b) or c), a prize of &&&&&&&&&&+40000 A$100 is paid; there is no monetary prize for iconographs taken at place d).

All participants who suggested a specific place get to share a &&&&&&&&&+120000 A$300 prize if that place is used in the challenge later on.

At the end of each season, there will also be a prize of &&&&&&&&&+400000 A$1000 for each participant with at least one valid submission each month during the season, and trophies for those with a perfect or near perfect score on the season's high score tables. (Seasons will typically be one year, but the first season may be shorter.)

All prizes may be sent via the parcel counter at the Ankh-Morpork post office; it is the participants' responsibility to check their mail and collect their prizes in time.

Exclusion of participants, age limits and other restrictions

Magistrates who run the challenge and inactive participants will not receive any monetary prizes, neither for submitted iconographs nor for places they suggested for the challenge.

Participants must be at least 1 hour old to receive a a free impstomatic camera, 3 hours old in order to receive payment for iconographs taken at place a), 6 hours old in order to receive payment for iconographs taken at place b) and 9 hours old in order to receive payment for iconographs taken at place c). These prizes will be paid once the participant reaches the required age if this happens within the same round of the challenge, otherwise the prizes become void.

All payments to a specific participant may be delayed for as long as there exists an open case against that participant. In case a participant has unpaid fines, any prize that participant is due may be used to pay that participant's fines instead.

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