Shonky Shop

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The Shonky Shop is a unique shop, located on Clay Lane in Ankh-Morpork. You can sell things here, as in a general store, but it's also a cheap clothes shop. Unlike most shops, it starts out without any stock listed directly: to buy things you must "search" in the various rooms in the shop, then take what you find to Brother Soon Shine Sun, who will then put them behind the counter for you to buy in the usual way. These clothes will usually be damaged and much cheaper than you could get elsewhere.

If you fumble or drop one of the things you search out, it will disappear and automatically appear in the list of items Brother Soon Shine Sun has on offer. Once an item has been bought it can be dropped without disappearing.

It seems to take a modest amount of adventuring.direction to get an accurate picture of the shop with the "map" command, or to move around in it without going in a direction you didn't intend. A bonus of 198 is enough, possibly more than enough.

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