Shiny black berry

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A shiny black berry is something you can gather in the forests of the Haribos mountain range outside Calh-Nhad during summer.

It looks like this:

This shiny black berry has a slightly dull star pattern at one end, where the calyx has been removed.  It is squishy and the inky juice on the inside looks sweet and good to eat.

Eating a berry has the following effects which last in total for around 3.5 minutes:

  • Widening the pupils (shows in the description). This results in more light sensitivity, ie daylight is too bright to see anything.
  • Nausea and a temporary loss of hit points.
  • Seemingly being hot and sweating.
  • Temporary decrease of constitution, dexterity and intelligence that gets distributed randomly between these stats, but in the end amounts up to a value of between -6 and -9.

Eating several berries at once is not different from eating only one. Eating a berry before the effects of the previous have worn off extends the period of above effects, and can take the stats down further.