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== Features ==
== Features ==
*A Post Office and [http://daftjunk.com/dw/items/index.php?eatery=64 pub] with beer garden
*A Post Office and {{Itemdbeatery|64|pub}} with beer garden
*Travelling stalls: [http://daftjunk.com/dw/items/index.php?shop=535 A simple makeshift stall], [http://daftjunk.com/dw/items/index.php?shop=532 A stall full of wonderful and magical scents]
*A [[Travelling stalls (Sto Plains)|travelling stall]]
*Shops: [http://daftjunk.com/dw/items/index.php?shop=537 Mrs Pontefract's Sweetie Shop], [http://daftjunk.com/dw/items/index.php?shop=533 Cartier's Exclusive Jewellery], [http://daftjunk.com/dw/items/index.php?shop=536 Valentino's Flower Stall]
*Shops: {{Itemdbshop|537|Mrs Pontefract's Sweetie Shop}}, {{Itemdbshop|533|Cartier's Exclusive Jewellery}}, {{Itemdbshop|536|Valentino's Flower Stall}}
*Occasionally the [[T-Shop_Stops#Sheepridge|T-Shop]] will appear.
*Occasionally the [[T-Shop_Stops#Sheepridge|T-Shop]] will appear
*An ornamental clock tower.
*An ornamental clock tower
*[[Guild of Assassins|Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins]] branch.
*[[Guild of Assassins|Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins]] branch
== Crime and Punishment ==
== Crime and Punishment ==

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Sheepridge is a rustic town in the Sto Plains. Its main commodity is village idiots.


To the northwest of Sheepridge is Sto Lat and eventually Ankh-Morpork. To the northeast is Dinky and to the southwest is Nowhere.


Crime and Punishment

No law enforcement


Unique NPCs
  • Hamesh
  • Lezek
  • Sheepridge's one licensed beggar
  • Sheepridge pieman (sells meat pies)
  • An ugly duckling
General NPCs

External links