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Sew is a command inherent to various needles, used to improve the condition of various objects. If the condition of objects such as clothing, armours, and containers is not maintained, they may be destroyed and lost forever.

Note: Not to be confused with the Mend priest ritual from Gapp.

There are alternatives to mending clothes with a needle: Gapp's low altar, Mending npcs, the Mend ritual.


The sew command is inherent to needles and does not need to be learned. Needles can be found in various shops around the Disc, the most widely available for clothing being a small silver needle.

Needles require thread to be used. Commonly found in sewing supply shops, thread can be purchased by the spool in various locations. Each spool contains a number of threads. Threads can be wound on a spool using wind thread onto spool. This currently turns silk threads on spools into cotton threads (see discussion page).

Commonly found in leatherworking shops, a heavy-duty needle and strong sinew thread can be used to sew leather items. Many other types of needles can be used for fabrics other than leather.


Each sewing attempt costs 25 craft GP and requires a thread. The thread is consumed on either success or failure.

Now you don't have to pull the thread from the spool, you can thread directly from the spool!

New sequence, thread directly from the spool:

  • hold needle
  • thread <needle> from <thread spool>
  • sew <object> with <needle> or mend <object> with <needle>

Old sequence, by pulling the thread first:

  • hold needle
  • pull thread from <spool>
  • thread <needle> with <thread>
  • sew <object> with <needle> or mend <object> with <needle>

Your bonus in one of crafts.materials.needlework or crafts.materials.leatherwork determines your success and how much the condition of the item is improved with a single attempt.

Failing an attempt to sew a severely damaged item with low skills may result in destroying the item.

Skills Used


There are two achievements in the Crafts category related to this command:

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