Security Blanket

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Security Blanke
Ritual information
Deities Gufnork
GP cost 155
Components holy symbol
Required powers  ?
Learned At 35 levels faith.rituals.defensive.area
Skills faith.rituals.defensive.area
Resisted By n
Angers? n
Type Defensive
Steps 3
Targets none
Description Provides a defensive shield for you and your friends
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


Security blanket provides a large group oriented protective aura. The major advantage to this ritual is that the gp cost remains constant no matter how many group members are present, so a full group of six can be protected with the one blanket. Additionally, the security blanket appears to stack with the effects of Major Shield, much in the way Holy Aegis does, which means the caster is protected as well as the caster's group mates. It also appears to stack with Holy Aegis, so this could form a part of a three-layer defence for a Gufnork priest.

Security blanket is quick to perform, requires only a holy symbol and does not require a huge bonus in faith.rituals.defensive.area, but the high gp cost will limit its utility except in very tough fights or situations where the priest is in a group support role.

Appearance of Security Blanket: surrounded by a shimmering haze

The ritual also gives a warning when it is weakening, much in the way major shield does: Your protective aura is weakening.

The ritual also gives a warning when it expires: The protective aura shielding you expires.

While security blanket may only have relatively specialised uses, it allows Gufnork priests to have a greater support role in a group environment and it is probably the most useful combat application of the faith.rituals.defensive.area skill. Depending on what research shows, it may also be worthwhile as an added boost to shields in addition to Major Shield and Holy Aegis.


You can see how long your protection will last by typing "shields". This will give you an approximate time until your Security Blanket expires.

  • You are protected by the protective aura of <PERFORMER>. You will be protected for less than five minutes.
  • You are protected by the protective aura of <PERFORMER>. You will be protected for at least five minutes.
  • You are protected by the protective aura of <PERFORMER>. You will be protected for at least a quarter of an hour.


You speak a short prayer.
You meditate on your responsibilities as a pastor.
You call upon Gufnork to protect your flock.
By the grace of Gufnork, you and your companions are shielded by a protective aura.

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