Searing Touch

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Searing Touch
Ritual information
Deities Hat Sek
GP cost 95? 100?
Components holy amulet, holy symbol
Required powers None
Learned At 72 (Sek) 75 (Hat) levels
Resisted By y
Angers? y
Type Offensive
Steps 2
Targets others
Description Makes an enemies armour burn with the power of your God
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


Quite a fun ritual not used quite as often nowadays. This ritual causes a random piece of the targets armour to heat up, burning the target continuously until the piece is removed. Higher skills can lead to multiple items being affected at once. Sadly this does very little damage and is very expensive for its little use. From testing done, not a single npc wears enough armour to be killed from searing touch. Could be useful tactically though, causing the npc to remove armour allowing you to focus on the now non-armoured part.


> perform searing touch on Taffyd
You close your eyes and briefly meditate upon your anger.
You pray for the flames of righteous wrath to torment your enemies until their weaknesses are uncovered.
Taffyd squirms and looks uncomfortable.  Thin wisps of smoke rise from a pair of torn trousers.

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