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Searching is a command you use to find things. It costs 15 adventuring gp.

There are three syntaxes:

search [for] person 
search <string> 
search [here] 

Searching for a person

Searching for a person will, if you pass the adventuring.perception skillcheck, bring a hidden person out of hiding. (They may rehide after a little while.)

Searching a thing

"Search <string>" lets you search a specific feature of the room. This is sometimes necessary to find specific things in a room.

Searching a room

"Search here", or just "search" can also let you find specific things in a room, or specific features of it.

Aside from this, if you're on a city street, it can let you find random items and money (this is a safe, though generally slow, method for making money)--though it can also result in small animals appearing, or in finding some rotting rubbish that gives you an unpleasant odour for a few minutes.

During lofting season, you can find building materials this way.

Searching around the cairns in Djelibeybi can be dangerous.

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