Sea substances

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Sea substances are substances from sea critters that grant special effects. They are sold by Niknax in exchange for ambergris.

General information

They all last for about 70 minutes when using one full vial.

  • Using two vials makes the effect lasts twice as long.
  • Using half a vial makes the effect lasts roughly 35 minutes.

Sea serpent venom

Sea serpent venom can be applied to the sea serpent fang to poison the opponents you hit in combat.

Dire seaweed extract

Dire seaweed extract increases gp regeneration by around 2 gp per heartbeat and it knocks you out after that for about 2 minutes.

Kraken blood

Kraken blood is said to grant the ability to Breathe Underwater. (Can anyone confirm?)

Kraken sweat

Kraken sweat grants a slime shield which is an arcane protection said to be a cross between tpa and ccc. (More info needed.)

  • If you cast TPA while the kraken sweat is in effect, the slime shield will quickly eat away and destroy the TPA.

Kraken tears

Kraken tears are said to grant Dark Sight. (Can anyone confirm?)

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