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This is a gallery of MUD client screenshots from our players. We are a diverse bunch! These screenshots show the different ways in which we play the game, and how we've tailored our MUD clients to our preferences.

Add Your Screenshot

It's really simple to add your own screenshot! All you need to do is:

  1. Take a screenshot of your desktop!
    • Microsoft Windows users: press the PrntScrn key to capture your screen to the Clipboard, or Alt-Print Screen to capture the topmost window
    • Mac OS X users: press Command-Option-3 to capture your screen to a file on the Desktop called Picture1.png
  2. Make sure that the screenshot is Safe For Work and doesn't contain anything naughty.
  3. Rename it to ScreenshotMyname1.png — substitute your own name! If you have more than one, use 2, 3, etc. (But not too many!)
  4. Log in to the Wiki (anonymous users can't upload images).
  5. Upload your file at Special:Upload.
  6. Edit this page with code that looks like:
    File:ScreenshotAurelia1.png|'''Aurelia'''<br>Client: Rapscallion<br>Date: June 2009
  7. Be mobbed by your adoring fans!