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A very useful command that gives you information about your character. This includes your health, guild, social, achievement, quest, and experience points. It also gives your guild level, your deaths, wimpy setting, burden, alignment, [special abilities]] and age. With roleplaying on, these statistics are given to you in non-numerical form. You will also lose all info on your age, achievement, quest points and special abilities. 'Syntax score' will give you many more options.

Normal Score

You have 1110 (1110) hit points, 167 (167) guild points, 2 (684) quest points, 7 (1063) achievement points and 81 (81) social points. Your current experience is 35271 and you are level 42 in the Ninja; your overall rating is 10017. You have died 0 times and can die 7 times before you are completely dead. Your wimpy is set to 10%. You are unburdened (10%) and quite comfortable. You are neutral, worshipping no god. You have the special ability to defend yourself better at the cost of not attacking. You are 1 day, 3 hours, 59 minutes and 4 seconds old and have logged in 28 times.

Roleplaying Score

You are Sulvore a Ninja of the second rank. You are in perfect health and you are full of energy. By the luck of a coin, you might be able to learn something new. You are neutral. You will flee when you are critically wounded. You are unburdened and quite comfortable. Death has never visited you in a professional capacity.