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[[Category:Thief commands]]

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Command information
GP Cost 20
Learnt At 20 covert.casing
Skills Used Covert.casing.place
Items Needed N/A
Guild Thieves

Scope is a thief-only command that is used to determine how easy it is to steal from a shop.


You guess that it would be <result> to steal <something> from <shop>.

Some of the different results you can get from scoping a shop (this needs expanding):

  • it would be somewhat hard
  • it would be somewhat easy
  • it would be quite easy
  • it would be easy
  • it would be very easy

Scope uses your covert.casing.place skill to check whether your covert.manipulation.stealing skill is high enough to shoplift a particular item. It becomes easier to scope an item that is expensive as your skills increase.

As security in a shop goes up after successful or unsuccessful shoplifting attempts, it becomes harder to use scope to get accurate results. An item that a minute ago was scoping as easy, may now scope as being hard (which would be correct, seeing as how the security is higher than before), it may scope as being very easy (which would be false, due to a lack of skills) or it may be impossible to scope the item at all due to not having enough in the covert.casing.place skill.

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