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You can make sandcastles on the beach.

Where and What

Sandcastles can be made along the beach on the Brown Islands. They can also apparently be made on Thursday Island.

You do not need any components or equipment to make sandcastles.

Command Details

You do not need to learn and commands to make sandcastles - they can simply be made in appropriate areas.

The command "make sandcastle" is used to make a new sandcastle, using crafts.arts.sculpture. There can only be one sandcastle in a room at one time.

Once a sandcastle has been made, you can "build on sandcastle" in order to make it bigger and better, also using crafts.arts.sculpture. You can do this three times, and failing the skillcheck will destroy the castle. The skillcheck gets harder each time you add more to the castle.

You can "kick down sandcastle" in order to destroy an existing sandcastle.

Skills Used

crafts.arts.sculpture (making a sandcastle and building on it)