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Samurai Dojo map by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar


These highly trained and usually well-born swordsmen are sworn to defend the lives and honour of the noble houses they serve. Quartered on the estates of the Houses, they train fiercely in between excursions where they do their best to "accidentally" run into (and possibly stab) samurai from other houses.


All Samurai recruits will begin their training at the Garden of Steel Flowers. This elite training facility is located in the Sour-Toe-May School of Martial Arts (also known as the Samurai Dojo), off Wung-Chi lane in the northern part of Bes Pelargic.

Playing Style

The Samurai is focussed mainly on fighting-based primary skills.

This will appeal to Numberchasers and those interested in fighting with swords/heavy-sword/daggers and polearms. As well, Samurai are practitioners of calligraphy, a skill that can be used in other craft skills like Engraving or Pottery and is a useful skills for certain missions, see calligraphy for more information.

For players interested in riding horses, the Samurai also offers as one of its primary skills which can be very helpful to players who wish to travel frequently on horseback.


Joining the guild is a fairly simple task, achieved by typing 'join' when you enter the Garden of Steel Flowers where Him Hung Lo resides.

Upon joining, he will give you a booklet detailing information about the Samurai that you can read.


You can learn new commands and advance your skills in the Garden of Steel Flowers where Him Hung Lo resides.

Typing 'help here' will show you a list of commands you can use to learn and advance skills.

Type 'say teach me please' in this room to see if you can learn new commands.


The Samurai dojo contains several shops and facilities:

  • The Garden of Steel Flowers where you can join the Samurai and learn skills from Him Hung Lo. There is a warriors guild bulletin board here, type 'help board' to learn more. As well, the Samurai newbie chest is here.
  • A small equipment shop selling samurai belts and other clothing
  • A small niche in the Garden of Steel Flowers where Wan Bending Reed resides.
  • The Sour-Toe-May common room has diagrams on the wall that you can TM your fighting.unarmed skills with, type 'study diagrams' to use the diagrams. However these diagrams are very basic and will be useless once your skills get higher.research
  • The Sour-Toe-May training room has several objects for TMing your fighting.unarmed and skills which can also grant XP. Most of these objects need you to sheathe your weapons or keep your hands free to operate. These objects include:
    • A wooden practise dummy which can trigger TMs for fighting.unarmed.striking, type 'practice kick on dummy' or 'practice punch on dummy' to try it out.
    • A bucket of sand to drive your fist in that can TM, you have to remove any gloves you are wearing as well to use this object. To use it, type 'drive fist into bucket'.
    • A plank that can be broken that can TM fighting.unarmed.striking, you can type 'break plank' to test it out. The plank will be replaced a short time after you have broken it

Newbie chest

The Samurai's newbie chest is a long chest in the Garden of Steel Flowers. The chest can be accessed by Non-Samurai warriors as well.

Items sold here



  • Samurai are not exempt from the general ban on weapons in Bes Pelargic.
  • As the shops in the Samurai Dojo do not sell many weapons or armours, players can purchase items at other weapons/armours shops as well as the Imperial Guard and other Warriors guilds if need be.
  • Student NPCs will wander the Samurai Dojo, these are more intermediate-level npcs and new players should not attack them. As well, attacking one in a room can cause the other students nearby to protect the attacked one and attack you in turn. They will also delayed pursue you but will not chase you if you leave the Dojo. Attackers beware!