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This page is about a source of missions / jobs.

Sam Slager works in the Cattle District, west of The Shades, in Ankh-Morpork. He is the owner of the sausage shop found on the north end of Long Hogmeat Street and offers a variety of sausage-making jobs, resulting in both money and experience.


Sam Slager looks like the archetypal butcher.  He is large, almost to the point of
rotundness, but not quite, and able to break into a sweat even on a chilly day.  Though quite
muscular due to years of working with large animal carcasses, Sam has plenty of brains yet his
temperament can get away with him on occasion.

The Job

To see what is available, read the order board, then apply for <order> to start the job. At that point, a time limit is provided, along with a slip of paper to provide a reminder of how many sausages and what type. Also provided is an icebox to keep the meat fresh as it is acquired. When the sausages are complete, be sure to give the product to Sam (do not "sell"). You can also deliver string or deliver sausages. If a string of sausages is longer than the number Sam asked for, he'll pay you for the difference as though you'd given him exactly the number asked for and then sold the rest. If you give him fewer sausages than he asked for, he'll accept them and tell you how many more he needs.

Once experience is gained making regular sausages, one can apply to make flavoured (spiced) variations.

Skills needed

You can do some of the easier jobs with ~100 bonus in crafts.culinary.butchering, perhaps even a bit less if you're willing to put up with lots of failures. The smaller the bit that you're trying to debone on the table, the higher your chance of success, so if you're starting out with a relatively low bonus, stick to deboning things like eyes, fingers, etc at first. Definitely don't try to debone entire corpses. The page on corpse parts may be beneficial to the burgeoning butcher.

So long as you stick to unflavoured sausages, butchering is all you need. However, if you get into flavoured sausages, is also checked when mixing the flavour in with the raw meat. A bonus of 200 is about the lowest you could probably succeed with; at a bonus of 197 there were no successes at all; with a bonus of 220 successes became occasional.

It's easier to mix spices into smaller wads of meat. It's also safer, since a failure can sometimes waste the spice you were trying to mix in. You can cut up larger wads into multiple pieces, if necessary.

The Process

Once in the backroom, the relevant commands are as follows (note that bits such as eyes, feet, etc. can replace the entire corpse if you're not confident in your crafts.culinary.butchering bonus):

  • Put <bit/corpse> on workbench - this step is optional - you can also debone bits that are in your inventory
  • Debone <bit/corpse> on workbench (crafts.culinary.butchering check - syntax is the same whether the bit is on the bench or in your inventory)
  • Grind <meats> in grinder
    • If using spices: Mix <wad> with <spice> in mixing bowl ( check)
  • Extrude <meats> from extruder

Butchering larger objects (e.g. entire corpses) seems to require a higher bonus. You can get around this by cutting bits and pieces from a corpse (with get <bit> from corpse, such as "get heart from corpse", "get spleen from corpse", etc.) and deboning those on the workbench instead. You'll need to be holding a knife or a dagger to get body parts from a corpse.

If you put both spiced and plain wads of meat in the extruder at the same time, the result will be a string of plain sausages.

Note that you can differentiate between "spiced" and "unspiced" wads of meat, e.g. for aliases:

get unspiced wad from box
mix unspiced wad with $*$ in bowl
put spiced wad in box


The following corresponds to experience and money:

<Research needed!>  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 


There is a cool-down time - if you apply to fill orders too quickly, you will receive less experience and money for those orders. The cooldown for diminishing returns is separate between regular and flavoured sausages and lasts 1 hour.

Extra Money

Note that Sam will buy any and all player-made sausages. Therefore, if there are any sausages left over from the sausage-making job, this is a way to make a few extra dollars.

Order Board

Meat Sausages Payment
Sam's Tips Other Advice
Alligator 100 $40.00 $55.00 ... in Genua. Also found in dense marshlands.
Antelope 100 $30.20 $45.00 ... in the Klatchian savannas. Gazelles count as antelopes!
Badger 25 $25.00 $42.00 ... in the nearby cabbage fields. There is one badger found in Bad Ass in Granny's privy (which is tougher than most badgers). There's another at the cliff edge near the path to Lancre Castle.
Basilisk 150 $45.00 $62.00 I wouldn't risk my life looking for those! Dangerous! Paralyzes you for a while, this also deals damage while you can't do anything. At the huge sand mound (way) NW of Djelibeybi
Bear 100 $40.10 $55.00 ... in the nearby mountains.
Beast 75 $60.50  ? I have heard rumours that this beast roams wild in our very own city.
Blowfish 25 $40.00 $55.00 ... underwater on the Counterweight Continent.
Chicken 25 $22.00 $40.00 ... in Lancre Town. Note that the Lancre chickens like to carry things. They can also be found in Bleak Prospect (need to confirm usable) and Klatchian jungles.
Chimera 150 $45.00 $62.00 I wouldn't risk my life looking for those!
Cow 75 $25.00 $42.00 ... in Bleak Prospect. Check the stables in Bleak Prospect or the pregnant cow in Nowhere. The ox in the Chronides farmstead also has cow meat. *original Sam note here said Ephebe - might be there as well*
Crocodile 100 $32.00  ? ... on the banks of the River Djel. In the water pastures NW of DJB, usually during the day.
Deer 75 $30.10 $55.00 ... in Skund Forest. Sometimes does spawn in the Morpork Mountains. Much closer!
Donkey 75 $35.00 $50.00 ... in Ephebe.
Dragon 25 $25.00 $50.00 ... in the nearby mountains.
Eagle 50 $35.00 $55.00 ... in the nearby mountains. They seem to be vary rare at night. Best accept during the day only unless you want to do a nice, long search. They can be found in the Ice Lands (at night too), beware of ice giants.
Elephant 150 $50.00 $65.00 ... in the Klatchian savannas.
Fox 50 $22.00 $45.00 ... in the forests of the Ramtops.
Giant catfish 100 $40.02 $72.00 ... in the Ankh.
Giraffe 75 $30.00 $65.00 ... in the Klatchian savannas.
Goat 75 $30.00 $45.00 ... in Ephebe. There are three in Granny's lean-to in Bad Ass, and some on the Chronides farmstead near Ephebe.
Grflx 100 $35.00 $45.00 ... in a particular cave in Skund Forest.
Hare 15 $25.00 $45.00 ... in the nearby mountains.
Heron 10 $15.00 $45.00 ... in the Klatchian swamps. Egrets count as herons. Also found on Tora Lake.
Hippo 150 $50.00 $65.00 ... on the banks of the River Djel. In the water pastures NW of DJB, usually during the nights, can be in the river during the day. They assist eachother
Horse 75 $35.00 $55.00 ... in the nearby cabbage fields.
Hyena 75 $40.00 $55.00 ... in the Klatchian plains.
Ibis 25 $25.00 $41.00 ... in Djelibeybi.
Jellyfish 10 $30.00 $45.00 ... in the ocean. Also found in the waters of Brown Islands, Tang Bay, and Tuna Bay.
Leopard 75 $50.00 $65.00 ... in the Klatchian jungles. They hide, and will backstab if you look at them.
Lion 75 $40.00 $55.00 ... in the Klatchian deserts. Also found in the Klatchian savannas.
Lobster 10 $32.00 $50.00 ... in the ocean. Also found in Tuna Bay and Tang Bay.
Mixed 200 $25.00 $45.00 Mixed sausages are made from mixing any two kinds of meat together.
Mollusc 25 $35.00  ? ... underwater on the Counterweight Continent. Oysters in Tang Bay
Monkey 25 $35.00 $40.00 ... in Genua. Also found in Klatchian jungles.
Moose 75 $25.00  ? ... in the forests of the Ramtops.
Mouse 10 $22.00 $40.00 ... in Genua. Also, field mice on plains. Can also be found in Bleak Prospect (need to confirm usable).
Octopus 25 $30.00 $40.00 ... in a particular cave in Skund Forest.
Owl 15 $25.00 $41.00 ... in the nearby forests. There is one in Granny's lean-to in Bad Ass and a barn owl in Chronides farmstead.
Panda 100 $35.00 $50.10 ... somewhere in Bes Pelargic. In the plant shop on Phoenix Avenue, "search".
Penguin 25 $45.00 $65.00 the ice lands near the Ramtops. Also, the grumbling penguin in Ephebe.
Pig 100 $30.20 $45.00 ... somewhere in Bes Pelargic. They would be called sows or hogs in BP. Also found in Ramtop forests and the Chronides farmstead near Ephebe and pigsty in Slice.
Rabbit 15 $25.00 $41.00 ... in the nearby cabbage fields. Also found in Morpork Mountains.
Raptor 25 $25.00 $45.00 ... in Skund Forest. Red meadowhawks (in cabbage fields) count as raptors.
Rat 10 $15.00 $35.00 Those are found everywhere! There are large evil looking rats under the AM docks (and in the Pepper Pot) that yield more sausages than the normal ones. There was a corpse that made 63 sausages.
Shark 100 $45.00 $72.00 ... in the ocean.
Sheep 75 $25.00 $41.00 ... in Razorback. Or in Sheepridge.
Snake 25 $25.00 $41.00 ... in Djelibeybi. Found in various other places (Genua city, Klatchian roads, Klatchian swamps, Klatchian rainforests...) - monkey pythons can be found in the wooded patches NW of DJB, they're good for 100+ sausages each.
Squid 50 $60.50 $73.00 ... in the ocean.
Squirrel 10 $25.00 $41.00 ... in the nearby forests. Or check out the trail leading to the grflx caves.
Tharga 100 $35.00 $55.00 ... in Skund Forest. Reportedly more numerous in the Ramtops mountain plains and "the frozen moorlands around the Barbarian summer camp".
Tiger 75 $52.00 $72.00 ... in the rainforests.
Tortoise 25 $30.00 Double check ... in the Klatchian deserts. Or on melon farms around Djelibeybi, or in Ephebe.
Turkey 50 $32.00 $50.00 ... in the forests of the Ramtops. Or in dense marshlands.
Tyrannosaur 150 $120.00 $150.00 I wouldn't risk my life looking for those!
Vulture 25 $31.00 $45.00 ... in the Klatchian savannas. Or on Klatchian roads.
Whale 150 $50.00 $65.00 ... in the ocean. Killer whales in the Circle Sea count as whales, and are much weaker than other kinds of whales (though they're aggressive and often come in groups).
Wolf 75 $35.00 $52.00 ... in the forests of the Ramtops. Grass wolves are not wolves. Also found in abundance in the Skund Forest near Hillshire and the Wolf Trails west-southwest of Pekan Ford.
Zebra 75 $30.50 $45.00 ... in the Klatchian savannas.
  • Note: Items marked 'Double check' are listed in the research tab but have not been otherwise confirmed as matching what is listed on the board. I have seen several discrepancies on the prices listed in the research with the board listings. I don't know if there were changes after the researchers did their tests but I have not noticed the board changing prices. It seems completely consistent. The items marked with '?', I have not seen on the board but assume they will show up. I am still checking the shop regularly to fill in the missing listings. Emily (talk) 17:37, 18 December 2017 (EST)

Known Flavourings Used

Some flavourings must be ground up first. This can be done at a grinder (note that the meat grinder in Sam's back room is a different type and only works on meat, not flavourings). There is a food grinder in Sam's back room.

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