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Sam works in the Cattle District, west of The Shades, in Ankh-Morpork. He is the owner of the sausage shop found on the north end of Long Hogmeat Street.

Sam Slager looks like the archetypal butcher.  He is large, almost to the point of
rotundness, but not quite, and able to break into a sweat even on a chilly day.  Though quite
muscular due to years of working with large animal carcasses, Sam has plenty of brains yet his
temperament can get away with him on occasion.

Sam offers a variety of sausage-making jobs, resulting in both money and experience. To see what is available, "read" the order board, then "apply for <order>" to start the job. At that point, a time limit is provided, along with a slip of paper to provide a reminder of how many sausages and what type. Also provided is an icebox to keep the meat fresh as it is acquired. When the sausages are complete, be sure to "give" the product to Sam (do not "sell").

Any type of animal present on the Disc could be requested for sausage, from the mundane (cat/dog) to exotic (tiger/panda/shark). Once experience is gained making regular sausages, one can apply to make flavoured (spiced) variations.

The following corresponds to experience and money:

<Research needed!>research

There is a cool-down time - if you apply to fill orders too quickly, you will receive less experience and money for those orders.

Note that Sam will buy any and all player-made sausages. Therefore, if there are any sausages left over from the sausage-making job, this is a way to make a few extra dollars.


Type Location
Squirrel Terrians in CWC, Lower/Upper Ramtops
Wolf Sto Plains, Mad Wolf, Uberwald
Panda ?? Unknown ??
Blowfish Bes Pelargic, Turnwise Ocean
Penguin Terrains in CWC, Hublands
Leopard Terrains in Klatch
Hippo Terrains in Klatch
Squid Circle Sea


Type Location
Zebra Terrains in Klatch
Fox Terrains in Sto Plains, CWC, Hublands, Lower/Upper Ramtops
Donkey Ephebe
Tiger Terrains in Klatch