Sageroff's Sentry Summoning

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Sageroff's Sentry Summoning
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Defensive
GP cost 35
Mind space 30
Thaums 6
Components candle (consumed), knife, mirror, apple, octogram
Tome My Firste Demon-Summoning Booke! By Beatrix Faust

Sageroff's Sentry Summoning - Summon an imp to guard your inventory.

Sageroff's Sentry Summoning (abbreviated as SSSU or SSS2) is a defensive spell that summons an imp to watch over your equipment. It will warn of theft, but do nothing to prevent it.


The spell costs 35 GP to cast and takes up 30 units of mind space.


Details needed. The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


You'll need a candle (consumed), a knife, a mirror, an apple and the focus for an octogram.

Casting messages

Details needed. Casting




What the target sees

What others see


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