SS Unsinkable

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The SS Unsinkable is a dragon-powered steam boat owned by Chidder, who runs a smuggling operation out of Ephebe. The boat requires a group of players to work together in a chaotic, difficult mission to operate the boat, deal with the complications and dangers involved in the journey, and successfully bring the cargo to it's destination across the Circle Sea. Success can reward the group with a share of ambergris, used to buy things from Niknax.


Skills required

(this needs filling out and tidying up, with skill links) for everyone (is there a limit? does the captain need more?) climbing for the mast for the dragons (which part of the dragon-management?)

Some sort of woodwork for repairing the boat? Coopering? Furniture?

Is balancing or something needed to not keep falling over? Or boots/shoes, can't be barefoot?

ad.direction (for the captain only? how much? for what part?)


While everyone taking part can do all the tasks, the boat is large and there are many tasks that come up through a journey, and so it is advised that members of a group follow certain roles and focus on specific tasks.

- Boiler-room/dragon handler?

- Cargo/repair-person?

- Captain/direction/map/wheel?

- Defender/deck-person?

- Others?

Starting a mission


Events on the journey


See also

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