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Ryattenoki is an npc. He wanders around Bes Pelargic, or wherever some luckless player has dragged him, attempting to sell his haddocks.

He is quite chatty, and can be a good source of Agatean tms.

If he's not already following someone, and he spots a player, he almost immediately start following them around, trying to sell them a haddock. Unlike with normal pursuit, he can follow through Divine Hand and will cost the performer the extra gp for having a passenger. It's also not entirely like normal following, as he doesn't make a follow request that you have to accept before he can follow you, and simply losing him and leaving the room will not work. He respawns in the Fish Market near Tuna Bay.

If you want to "steal" him from another player you can do so by saying "fish" to him in Agatean, or "offer"ing him a rhinu for a haddock (this doesn't commit you to actually buying one).

He is immune to many things, such as being attacked, Fear, Stasis, and drowning[1]. You can, however, get him to stop following you in any of the following ways:

  • Flying away on a broomstick.
  • Losing him, then passaging away.
  • Performing Paralysis on him, then leaving the room.
  • Entering a restricted area, such as religious instructor rooms.
  • Knocking him off the DJB wall.
  • Using certain magical and/or non-standard exits, including:
    • The one to the middle of the garden in the Artificers' Academy
    • Touching the runes in the entrance of the Academy
    • Entering the Bes Pelargic L-Space Bubble by way of wandering into the alley
    • In the Thieves' Guild: sliding down the banister or vaulting from the balconies.
    • In Lancre Town, going to the Tockley cottage, going upstairs, and sliding down the banister.
    • Passing the turnstile in the Culture Institute in Bes Pelargic.
    • Going downstairs in the Watch House in Genua
    • In Ephebe: Dive into the pool in the back of the Seasick Sea Serpent.
    • In Ephebe: Most of the hidden "down" exits along Dockside Walk and Dockside Market, eg just west of the Seasick Sea Serpent.
  • Going to the top of the Tower of Art in Unseen University, tying the rope to yourself, and jumping. There may be some danger to this (as in dying if the rope isn't tied to you by the time you jump. But hey, you lost him, right?).
  • Climbing, although if you go back the same way you got there, you'll just pick him up again. Places where you can leave a different way after climbing include:
    • In Bes Pelargic, there is a large arch spanning Palace Approach. You can climb up to it 1 east of the junction of Palace Approach and Avenue of the Emperors, and come down at a hidden room on Kang Street (or vice-versa).
    • In the Thieves' Guild: climbing the trellis outside to or from the balcony outside Kordane's room.
    • At the Mended Drum: climbing up the wall out back, then attempting to climb further up.[2]
    • In the McSweeney estate: You can climb in and out of the guest bedroom (in the men's area) and the small, pretty bedroom (in the women's area).
  • Getting another player to steal him from you.
  • Using a rickshaw, if you're in Bes Pelargic. The rickshaws can only fit one person, so you'll leave Ryattenoki behind when you are taken somewhere.
  • Buying a haddock from him (you can haggle the price down by offering him one rhinu for a haddock and increasing your offer by one rhinu each time... you may still find the price high, though).
  • Waiting, as he will eventually get bored and go away.


  1. Although it's possible to leave him in a water room.
  2. If you fail, losing your grip from fatigue, you'll end up on the river. This appears to do no damage. If you succeed, you get to the roof--from here, you can get to the front of the Drum.